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Writers write for two audiences: themselves and everyone else. Once they have satisfied their desire to create characters and a story, they share their creations. Some readers share back through published reviews.  Hereafter is some of the sharing going on at the moment.

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Another 5-Star Book Review

A favorable book review is a kindness shown an author. It tells potential readers, “I think this book is worth a read.”  Below is a review from Amazon.


The Junkyard Dick is an engaging, smartly written mystery/whodunnit by a gifted writer, Gillespie Lamb. From the start, the book grabs hold and never lets go. The story is told from the point of view of main character Tak Sweedner. Tak owns and operates a junkyard, and on the side he assumes the role of an amateur sleuth. When a murder occurs in a small Texas town, Tak is asked by a friend to look into the matter. Tak is only one of many well-rounded, richly drawn personalities in the story. The dialogue is crisp and definitely one of the highlights. Lamb deftly scripts the scenes for the reader to easily follow the story line. The occasional side stories and flashbacks are most enjoyable and serve to help to give the reader a more in depth look into the motivations and thoughts of the main characters.
Lamb has a smooth likable style of writing and he kept me guessing until the end. The story was unpredictable with wonderful twists. Excellent! I’d like to read more adventures with Tak Sweedner guiding me through another crime mystery.