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A Special Place in Aviation Lore

McCook Field was aviation's Silicon Valley. Developed there in the 1920s were such fundamentals as backpack parachutes, pressurized cockpits, and turbo-supercharged engines.  Altitude records were set, crop-dusting first tried.  Pilot-historian Jerry Koszyk has captured it all after years of research and interviews. (Your author helped Jerry  present his fascinating story.)

1920s: When Flying was By Gosh! and By Golly!

Pilots, engineers and dreamers gathered at McCook Field near Dayton, Ohio, after World War I to propel aviation into the modern era.  Billy Mitchell and Jimmy Doolittle flew above the field. Aerial photography pioneer George W. Goddard worked alongside test pilots like Harold Harris and Leigh Wade. Triumphs were many, tragic air crashes more than a few.  Career aviator Jerry Koszyk talked with many of the legends before their passing, letting them tell the story in their own words. It was a magical time in the history of flight and, in this book, we  listen to some of the magicians.

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