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Gillespie Lamb

Hi! Did Words Bring You Here?

Language is a great transportation system

You know how it is: Our senses take us for rides. Something we see or hear or feel tickles our brain and off we sail into new territory.

​An example: I grew up in the center of the United States, yet feel at home on a beach. A beach? Well, the wind is the same, pushing me around like a gregarious chum. The surf's roar mimics a tractor with multiple chisel shanks buried. The undulating surface of the sea is like a late-season field of grasses waving at me. At ocean's edge, I sometimes feel as though I never left the farm.


In the same way, words, without any other stimuli, can grab your mind and fling you to another place and time. Reading triggers imagination and--zzzip!--you're there!


Or here... on my landing page. Thanks for dropping in.





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